Honest and compelling, Twelve Unending Summers is a deeply personal journey that resonates with the universal human need to find a home.

About Cholet

Cholet Kelly Josué is a Bahamian-born Haitian American author and physician seeking to find a home among the three cultures that have played a role in his life. He is passionate about helping people live their best lives using the power of neuroscience and a focus on three tenets of emotional well-being: Self-compassion, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking skills.

About Twelve Unending Summers

At age sixteen, Cholet Josué arrived on the shores of Miami in a wooden boat—and immediately put the past behind him. More than two decades later, the elusive question of identity pursues him, forcing him to confront a difficult truth: the cultures that formed him have each indelibly stamped his soul. Courageously, Cholet dismantles his own story to uncover a way to unashamedly, unabashedly fit in with three different worlds while belonging to none.

Honest and compelling, Twelve Unending Summers is a deeply personal journey that resonates with the universal human need to find a home and embrace the legacy of family heritage.

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